When storing our belongings in the store it´s frequent that they accumulate erratically. Even, sometimes, you may end up completely uncontrolled. Therefore, and to avoid that every time we enter the store searching for one of our belongings, it´s a headache. Today we are going to give you 4 practical storage tips for self storage, which, if you put them into practice, will help you maintain some order and control over the items we store in our storage.

Order your belongings by frequency of use. Try to place your belongings according to their use, placing the things you use most often more accessible or more by hand. In this way, you will avoid looking at even the last corner of your unit, to look for that shoebox or that pile of books.

Name or number boxes. If we write in each box what it contains or number them and then make a list of numbers and contents, we make sure to waste the minimum time to look for any membership. Likewise, it will not be necessary to open each box or package to verify that it is stored inside. In Planet Space we offer you two types of box sizes; The small ideal for heavier things like books, cd, etc … and large ones, suitable for lighter things.

Stacking boxes and shelves. Use stacking boxes and shelves to take advantage of the cubic space in the storage room, and to be able to do a classification of our appliances. This will allow us to make more use of the space available in our storage room. Use the cubic space of your unit !!

Use good packing material to protect your belongings. If the purpose of storing them in a storage is to keep them for longer time, it is important to protect them also when storing them. Use bubble wrap for the most delicate objects and plastic boxes or heavy duty carton.

If you need help when ordering your storage, just ask us, we will be delighted to give you some tips!