It seems like summer only just started and now it’s almost time to send the kids back to school. In just a couple of weeks they will be sat behind their desks again and will be joining in with their sports and after school clubs. The ‘back to school shop’ signals the start of young people and their parents getting back to their normal health, leisure and learning practices.
Before we all get back into our comfy routines, there’s still much to get ready and lots of school and sports kit to buy.
Going shopping is not something that children tend to enjoy. The big challenge is to make it a fun activity that they get involved in and enthusiastic about. Easier said than done sometimes!
This is also the ideal time to organise our home space and put away all the things that we will not be needing in the next few months. For example surf boards, beach umbrellas, bags of beach toys or even summer clothes…..all this and more you can store at Planet Space. Come to one of our centres and we can work out how much space you need in order to free up your house of all these things that you won’t need till next year!
Need Space? Come to Planet Space!