A couple of seasons ago we left here some tips on how to re-organize the cabinets at home. Many of you have asked us to publish them again …

It is one of the most tedious tasks, but also more rewarding, since the result (if expected) always exceeds the expectations of space and order you had in mind. A good organization helps you to clean, see all your clothes at a glance and get more out of the clothes you wear less and gain more space in your closet. Two tips before you start do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today and it starts and ends on the same day.

Phase 1: cleaning

Take advantage and thoroughly check your closet. Get rid of those pants that you NEVER PUT ON; That broken shirt, which is not suitable for stepping on the street (not even for sleeping) … Those things that occupy much of your closet without you noticing. If you have doubts, think that for something to come in, something must leave. A golden rule, which is worth keeping order in many aspects of your home and your life.

Phase 2: organization

Once the cleaning phase is over, rediscover your closet. Look at it with other eyes (emptiness is much greater and more spacious) to realize its full potential. The easiest is to organize it by colors or type of garments.

Phase 3: Search for allies

In the interior distribution, pants, hydraulic shelves, drawers with dividers, hangers for various garments, etc. Once organized you will need to store these clothes out of season in boxes or plastic or cardboard. And finally, approach Planet Space, where you can store those boxes with your clothes in a DRY, safe and odor free environment.

Ally with us and you can enjoy your closet space 100%! Do you need SPACE? Come to Planet Space! #orstopbuyingstuff