Spring has arrived and with it the annoying spring cleaning! Clean, scrub, polish: that sounds like a nightmare but it does not have to be one. Especially with children spring cleaning can become  complete fun for everyone.

We tell you how it can be easier to do, and still be fun.!. Be brave, with our ten tips you  will succeed in a very short time having a joyful experience both for young and old.

Tip 1: Organize all before starting.

Tip 2: Use the right cleaning products

Tip 3: Clean and do get rid of junk …..or better … Rent a self storage unit at Planet Space and save everything you do not want to throw away!

Tip 4: Play music, this lifts the mood

Tip 5: Make a list of everything you want to save… Rent a self storage unit at Planet Space

Tip 6: Leave the easiest to the end.

Tip 7: Take a “culinary energy” break

Tip 8: Use the best packaging tools, this way it will be much easier to decide what you keep and what to store!

Tip 9: Enjoy and decorate all that space at home you’ve gained thanks to your storage unit!

Tip 10: Transport all those “little things” that you have stored in boxes to one of our 7 sites on the Island. We will take care of them and allow you to visit them as many times and days as you want! And it does not matter what time it is! …  they will be on vacation with us!