The final stretch of spring has arrived, in a few weeks the summer will be here to let us enjoy the sun, beaches and the long awaited holidays (for some!). We want to remind you of a very important point for the season and offer you good advice:

Do not leave your house without “movement” during the holidays

If you plan to travel as a family the house will be uninhabited in its entirety, you can ask a relative or trusted friend to pick up the mail, turn on and off lights, keep the garden watered, etc. Or you can opt for technological systems that are responsible for these tasks, the important thing is that your house does not look without residents, since it would become a focus of attention for criminals and thieves wanting to break in, leaving a bitter memory of the beautiful vacation that cost so much to plan.

Our advice is if you want to enjoy a holiday without worries about your things of great value, you can find a “hotel” for them during that period: in Planet Space we offer storage rooms for rent from 1m3 (as a locker) where you can store your belongings of Extreme Value as they will be monitored 24h / 365d.

Enjoy a relaxing vacation knowing that we will take care of them as if they were ours!

Do you need SPACE? Come to Planet Space!