..and many times we do not know how to store the toys that we take to the beach or the pool, we know that if we want to keep them in closed boxes we have to have them unfolded and wait for them to dry out,  there is a feeling of disorder at home.  Planet Space is going to propose an idea so children and adults learn that when they stop playing with their toys they have to store them and at the same time where the perfect  place for there toys can be dried and organized.

The perfect option would be  to store all your toys in one of our sites. In a unit of 1m2 you would have to put the baskets of toys in the lowest part (see pic). We do not recommend wicker baskets to put wet things in or you would have to change them because in the end they would end up getting moldy. And everything from € 56 monthly! You will enjoy a much more tidy space in your home, meanwhile you’ll be able to access your toys 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ….

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